Fat is the New Skinny

So, welcome to post #2. I’ve got a few things on my mind – stuff that’s been hurtling around in the grey matter since Tuesday (which shall now henceforth be known as Fat Tuesday). So, let’s get started on the stuff that’s been occupying my mind.

The first of many things is the realisation that I have a deep inner fear of starvation. Don’t laugh. I know in our modern, first world society it’s highly unlikely this event could actually occur. (Incidentially, I also have a fear of finding myself stranded somewhere with not a single t.o.i.l.e.t in sight. Strange but true. Maybe the two are connected…..).

Anyway, I realised that this fear of impending starvation arises because I am actually hungry all the time. Despite having just eaten, in my head I still feel hungry. Un-full. Un-satisfied. Physically full of food but mentally and emotionally still hungry. What is it about what I am eating that is causing this effect?

I could get all scientific at this point (and this would end up being a very long blog post, book length in fact), but let me just say here; if you haven’t read ‘Sweet Poison’ by David Gillespie and his follow-up ‘Big Fat Lies’, you should, it’s life changing, and it explains in so much detail (and far better than I could) the physiological changes that take place in our bodies as a result of the types of foods we eat, particularly the full/hungry connection to food.

And while I have long been a believer in the facts put forward in his books, I have struggled to fully implement the changes in my life. David would say that’s because I’m addicted to sugar, and he’s most definitely right. I love the taste. Not the white crystal stuff of course. It’s the unseen sugars I love: bread (made into French toast), tomato sauce, chocolate, dessert, bread (not made into French toast, perhaps with a little butter)……you get the drift.

The downside of all this ‘sweet’ stuff, is that even while I’m jammed to the tonsils with food, I am still So Flippin’ Hungry. Un-full. Un-satisfied.

This brings me to this morning’s little epiphany, which took place between reading the news and checking Facebook. (Although don’t ya think checking Facebook at 7.00am is normally a pretty average event? – it’s far too early for anything of interest to actually have happened).

So anyway, back to my moment this morning, which could be traditionally referred to as a ‘lightbulb moment’: LCHF.

Never heard of it? Neither had I. Well, at least I thought I hadn’t. But the more I read through the article about Low Carb High Fat, the more I realised I had heard it all before, I had just not put it together in a way that seemed to hit me like a bolt through my brain!

In the past, I’ve been deeply cynical about low carb diets, shakes diets, certain blood group diets and all the rest. I firmly believe we are designed to eat real food and enjoy it. To not only enjoy it, but that our bodies are like finely tuned machines and are set up to deal with the food we eat, processing and discarding as necessary. In an ideal world, we eat good food, we have loads of energy, and we don’t need to worry about gaining weight, aka ‘getting fat’, because our bodies work the way they are supposed to.

For this same reason, I’ve resisted diets which restrict certain food groups or encourage the overconsumption of only one or two particular food items (banana diet anyone?). We are simply not designed to eat this way, irrespective of the fact it starts to feel a little OCD and boring to boot.

Here’s the thing though. The minute you stop thinking about what you shouldn’t eat and start focusing on what you should eat, to fuel and feed your body, is the moment it all makes sense. And reading the article on LCHF is the moment it all fell into place. Suddenly I got it.

The reason I feel hungry is because I am hungry – low carb is only half the equation, I need to increase the fat in my diet.

Okay: Don’t. Freak. Out.

(Did she just say increase the fat??).

Yep. It’s true. Talk to David Gillespie if you don’t believe me. It’s a well proven fact at this point that fat doesn’t make you fat. Sugar makes you fat.

Fat makes you full. Full, as in satisfied. As in, not hungry. Good fat that is, like coconut oil, avocados, nuts, salmon…..

Well then.

Stupidly, I actually already knew this.

I realised this morning, however, that I’ve been concentrating so hard on eliminating the sugar aspect of my diet but in the process I’ve forgotten to increase the good guys, the healthy fats, that will fuel my body and keep me feeling full. It’s a two pronged approach and I’ll fail in the weight loss department if I don’t get this part right. And that’s why I’ve felt so hungry. #Legit apparently, as the processes going on in my body are actually going seriously awry.

So, today’s mission was to stock up on good fats and reduce the carb aspect in my diet. Notice I haven’t said no carb, it’s low carb I’m going for, and combining this with good fats and proteins. I’m excited to see how I’m feeling in a few weeks eating this way, and more importantly how I look. Apparently I need to be prepared for a slight possible weight gain as my body adjusts and starts working as it should, but then the weight should start falling off without too much effort on my part. I have to confess at this point that I am so skeptical about that part – I mean, my only experience has been that dieting and exercise is essential to shift weight, and my brain is conditioned, even if only on a subconscious level, to avoid fat. Even though I believe the science behind LCHF, it’s scary actually considering doing it.

To celebrate my new found wisdom and impending skinny-ness, I did two things:

  1. I purchased a pretty awesome new dress from the local op shop, two sizes too small. I paid the exorbitant price of $9, because it really was something special and just imagine how great I’m gonna look in 2 months after chowing down on all this good fat.
  2. I stopped in at McDonalds and had one last meal, just so I could remember how much I love this bad-for-me-but-tastes-so-good food. I know. It was insanely immature but I enjoyed every last french fry.
I also discovered that Coke Zero gives me an instant headache, which probably makes sense given it’s not even a real food. Need I point out that it was also my last Coke Zero.





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