Status Quo

Third post, just over one week in and I’m doing great.

I think.

I mean, it’s hard to tell, really, at this point. I feel better but that might be psychosomatic. I think I look skinnier. Again, this could just be my imagination. Or wishful thinking.

One thing is for sure. After eating a bucket-load of high fat (but the good stuff), high calorie food for almost a week (along with a reduced carb load), I am no heavier or fatter than when I started.

This, in itself, is actually quite remarkable. I weighed in this morning at 77.4. That is a respectable loss of 100 gms (haha), but in all fairness, given the calorie intake, it’s actually amazing. I was expecting to slightly increase weight or remain the same for the next 2 weeks, based on everything I’ve read. Apparently it takes a few weeks for your body to adjust to using fats as its source of energy, rather than carbs. I’ll be honest; the science sounds right, but the jury’s still out on this one. I think I need at least a month before I can tell whether this works or not. I’m looking forward to having a read of Christine Cronau’s book, “The Fat Revolution”, ordered on reserve through my local library, which apparently explains it all.

The upside of this little food experiment: I’m definitely not starving, the food is delicious, and I haven’t put on weight.

Although, I decided this morning to start measuring as well. That will give me a more accurate picture, overall, of what’s going on. It could be I only end up losing five kgs or so, but if I lose two dress sizes, I’ll be one happy camper!

I’ve postponed exercise this week too because I wanted to see if the high calorie, high fat food, combined with no exercise would result in a massive weight gain. So far, no signs of it. Stay posted!